Research: The Sick Salmon Syndrome

“Civilised societies are judged by how they protect the vulnerable within Children and the Elderly”

The Sick Salmon Syndrome

by Brendan O`Keeffe

Farmed salmon organic or otherwise is a sickly specimen when compared with the wild counterpart. The wild salmon is considered the cornerstone of nature and for good reason. The wild salmon’s DNA is found in the top of trees in western forests and in wild plants on the forest floors. It is laden with vitamin D, Omega-3(EPA DHA),Astazantin and Protein. Deficiencies of  these vital nutrients and an excess of fat should explain  why farmed salmon require so much medication.

Their genes are manipulated. They as smolt are each  injected with a vaccine on three different occasions. They are bathed in or fed antibiotics, antifungals, anti-parasicits  and lice medicine for various indications.

There susceptibility to disease can be explained by the lack of these nutrients and excess of AA, POPs-PCBs, Cadmium, Mercury and lead.

“Exposure to these chemicals during early fetal development can cause brain injury at doses much lower than those affecting adult brain function” Ref: Prof PJ Landrigan MD  Mount Senai Dept. of Pediatrics. Prof P Grandjean MD Uni.Southern Denmark and Harvard School of Public Health. Published in The Lancet 2006Volume 368 Nov. 2006.

Developmental neurotoxicity of industrial chemicals

The Lancet volume 368 issue 9553 Pages 2167-2178 16 Dec. 2006:

“This manuscript points to the dangers of farmed or organic-farmed salmon to women of child-baring age. “Contaminants and Residues in Irish Seafood 2004-2008” from the Marine Institute corroborate these finding. It is unlikely that we will have more current unbiased studies in the present economic environment. Government interest in developing Aquaculture particularly “Organic Farmed Salmon” will cherry pick the science to promote this toxic gold rush. Farmed Salmon Syndrome? Farmed organic salmon has 1300 mgs of Arachidonic Acid(AA) per 40zs. Prof Floyd Chilton, Wake Forrest recommends restricting AA to less than 100mgs a day for a healthy diet, his peer reviewed work in Inflation Nation should be the handbook for Dietitians and Nutitionists. Prof. Chilton points out that farmed salmon could not be tested meaningfully in humans due to the toxic effect of AA. He does not enter into the more sinister question of POP-PCBs, Mercury, Cadmium and Lead found in the Marine Institute study mentioned above. Doctors who see patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Heart Disease, High blood Pressure, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Bowl diseases, Skin diseases and Cancer should take these POP;s and AA into account in the treatment plan. Epidemiological studies need to be done on the incidence of flare ups of inflammatory diseases associated with increased consumption of farmed salmon. This may occur when dining out frequently, on vacation, commercial travelling etc. or any reason that might lead to a significant increase in the consumption of farm salmon.”

2 thoughts on “Research: The Sick Salmon Syndrome

  1. Thank you Dr. O’Keeffe for your article. What more proof do we need? Please read labels on your food! If you are only one you can make a difference, just stop eating these products. Together we can make a statement and be powerful. The message: STOP eating these products. You will live longer and have less chance of disease.

  2. But this means that if we can’t trust our local food sources to label correctly (eg, can I really trust WalMart’s “wild” label), we must abstain from salmon.

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