What is “Protect Bantry Bay” standing for?

The group “Save Bantry Bay” has given up the original target to avert any new salmon farm in Bantry Bay.  Instead the self-appointed committee of “Save Save Bantry Bay” is now propagating “No more open cage fish farms in Bantry Bay” and is advocating and supporting closed containment salmon farming (see photo from SSBB website showing new slogan). This change was implemented by the SSBB committee without asking their members support. Members who do not follow this non-legitimised change of direction and who oppose the farming of salmon in Bantry Bay (and elsewhere) in general will continue their work here: Protect Bantry Bay or www.savebantrybay.net.  (The .net is the difference.)

Also find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/savebantrybay


One thought on “What is “Protect Bantry Bay” standing for?

  1. Read Victoria Whites recent article Farmed salmon in the Irish Examiner and Richie Flynn’s put down or killing of the messenger.
    Aengus Parsons ” The Science behind Salmon Safety” has everything but science. The documents and manuscripts he refers to could not be found in Marine Institute website.
    Donal Maguire’s ” Up scaling deep sea farms” like Parsons and Flynn is dripping in conflict of interest.
    This is my short reply to Mr.Flynn’s attack on Ms Whites intellectual capacity.

    Thank you Mr Flynn for leading me serendipitously to Ms Whites article. In the decades of debate on farmed salmon, her article has to be the most knowledgeable and enlightening to date. You need to apologise for your rude opening remark. Where there is any doubt she asks a question. I doubt M/s White has any conflict of interest in this discussion, but almost all of you reference sources have blatant conflicts.
    It is crossing the line to recommend farmed salmon to pregnant mothers. The EFSA discussed advising mothers to avoid farmed salmon for six months or twelve months before getting pregnant, hard to believe.
    It is a scientific fact that smoked food is cancer causing. MI Manuscript ” Contaminants and Pollutants in Irish Seafood 2004-2008″ had 90 farmed salmon and one wild salmon and an add for salmon in the middle of the manuscript, and the PCBs, mercury etc.uncouvered validated Ms Whites assertions.
    Location of farm is also a factor. Roancarrig salmon farm is on the edge of Castletownbear harbour, one only need look at the Engineer’s report on extension of Dinnish peer to call for specific monitoring of the salmon farmed at that location.
    We can debate term Salmon of Knowledge, but not the Salmon Paradox outlined in the research of Prof. Floyd Chilton, Wake Forest U.
    We need to have a scientific Aquaculture summit with emphases on salmon. We need to adopt the Precautionary Principle ECU Law in the mean time. Children’s Health above Ocean Wealth.

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